Rust makes me happy


noun \ˈrəst\ : a reddish substance that forms on iron or some other metal usually when it comes in contact with moisture or air

Sounds simple enough. I just know rust makes me happy. I am captured by the beauty in the colors, layers, texture… Maybe it’s that I imagine all the piece has been through to get to such a state. There’s been a life lived, stories to tell. And I want to hear them all.

Have you ever really looked at paint peeling, the deep creases of a tree’s bark, the layers of rock in a canyon…even the beautiful lines in an elderly face. They have all experienced life in a way we have yet to discover. Each “wrinkle” is not an accident or something to erase but rather, to embrace and cherish. There are lessons learned, hardships fought, pressures endured, milestones celebrated, and, through it all, wisdom and beauty gained.

We have much to discover if we stop time for just a moment and take pleasure in the tiniest details in the world around us. Visit with an old friend. Learn the history behind something handed down in your family. Take a walk. Repurpose something broken and seemingly no longer usable. Ask advice from someone who’s been there before.

You never know what might inspire you..


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