The name says it all…

I can’t help it! I love diversity and being eclectically driven. I have many (my husband says too many) hobbies and can digress without any notice.
Gone2Pieces™ is a process. It is an outlet for me and a vehicle for others to begin their journey in creativity, to look beyond what can be seen on the surface – and find hidden beauty, creativity and imagination. My inspiration comes from the incredible complexity of created design in those around me – their culture, heritage, loves and originality – and from the diversity in nature. My ultimate desire is to give honor to the Creator in thanks for the ability to spark inventive play or even just a smile or contemplative thought.
Here’s a little about me. I am the mother of three and grandma of two. I love to bake and cook from scratch, garden, knit, quilt, create, homeschool, sing, and serve others. I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic, moved to the tropics then the Northern Prairie where we work with Native American teens. I am always ready for a road trip but can spend hours in my own backyard. My family means the world to me, my faith – even more.
Join me in discovering something new in the “normal-ness” of life.
To see some of the outlet results, visit our shop: Gone2Pieces

Our Team

Kristen Owner, Designer, Customer Service

50338216_10218681947857120_4128739421556047872_n CROPWhile my formal education is in Modern Languages, I am an ongoing student of the world around me. Color, shape, design, relationship, rhythm…are all captivating and cause my mind to whirl in imagination, inspiring many of our handmade items. Through our Vintage collection we discover and celebrate stories of the past of social history and culture.


Bill Designer, Shipping, Product Coordinator

Bill’s training includes art school and advertising. He creates our line of cuffs and is an indispensable, behind-the-scenes manager. Besides handling all shipping and product coordination, he is my sounding board and – best of all – my husband.


Bethany Marketing

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.'” (Jef Richards) Bethany, my youngest, embodies both as an inspiration for our BFF and American Girl lines, and as head of Marketing.


Josiah Designer

Josiah, my son, creates and inspires our line of origami. This precise art form feeds both his creative and technical sides. Josiah has been a designer for us since 2011 and a lifelong encourager and critical eye to the creative process for our shop.


Crystal Designer

Crystal, a bead artist, is of the Menominee Tribe in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She has been a member of Gone2Pieces™ since 2012.



Angel Designer

 Angel is of the Yankton Sioux Tribe in South Dakota and a talented bead artist. She has been part of Gone2Pieces™ since 2013.



Mikayla and Kelly Designers

29386469_999254560230835_5685293272512069632_oMikayla is of the Chickahominy of Virginia; Kelly is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. They have been bead artists with Gone2Pieces™ since 2019. Kelly and her daughter, Mikayla, are Fancy Shawl dancers and have travelled internationally sharing their talents and heritage.


Jasmine Designer

74670675_10103125925856721_3250357590923673600_o copy 2Jasmine is of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians of Michigan and a talented bead artist. She has been part of Gone2Pieces™ since 2019.



Julie Designer

67277052_10102978363847171_4374117019209957376_o copyJulie is of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians of Michigan and a talented bead artist. She has been part of Gone2Pieces™ since 2019.